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Suzanne Kessler born October 13, in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania is an American social psychologist known for the application of ethnomethodology to gender. She and Wendy McKenna pioneered this application of ethnomethodology to the study of gender and sex with their groundbreaking work, Gender an Ethnomethodological Approach. Their articulation of what later became known as the social construction of gender , was part of the foundation for works of ultimately more well-known gender theorists, Judith Butler , Anne Fausto-Sterling , and Kate Bornstein Kessler's work in her book, Lessons from the Intersexed , detailed the medical treatment of intersex children, and summarized the range of medically acceptable infant penis and clitoris sizes. She combined those standard tables to demonstrate an "intermediate area of phallic length that neither females nor males are permitted to have", that is, a clitoris larger than 9mm or a penis shorter than 25mm.
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Suzanne Kessler

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The Freudian unconscious is situated at that point, where, between cause and that which it affects, there is always something wrong. Frankenstein's dream, like all dreams, can only be told by the one who has woken up from it. Between a dream and its telling there always looms the chasm between sleeping and waking, and the telling can only approximate or appropriate one state of being or one vision of things by and for another.
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Yukio was only a salaryman, not a company boss, but for years he'd yearned to taste whale clitoris sashimi. Regular whalemeat sashimi was quite expensive, but Yukio would need to work for a hundred years to afford whale clitoris sashimi, the most expensive status symbol in Japan. Much of Yukio's knowledge of the world came from manga comic books or from anime movies which he watched on his phone while commuting for three hours every day.
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