It’s September 5th, and I am so excited for fall! Football is here, school is just beginning for some, and the morning air has a crisp, cool breeze to it! Even though I don’t like the cold and would much rather live in a swamp of humidity while fighting the bugs than freeze my toes off every morning, fall seems to stay my favorite season.

Fall is a season of change. The leaves begin to change colors. Birds begin to fly in packs overhead, seeking warmer climate. The sun rises later in the morning and it’s more likely I’ll be able to catch the view. People begin to bundle up in their cute sweaters, coats and boots, stopping at Starbucks for a PSL, and Christmas is only just around the corner. What’s there not to LOVE?!

Through my residency at Element Church, I have found that just as we go through physical seasons, we also go through spiritual seasons, and some we will enjoy more than others. Spring is the season of new beginnings, restoration, and joy. Summer is the season of light, energy and fun. Fall is the season of disappointment, difficulty, anxiety and preparation for winter. Winter is the season of pain, darkness, and the absence of God’s presence.

It may be through our poor choices that we find ourselves in a season of difficulty. Or we may continually seek Christ and find ourselves in a season of joy. Other times we may consistently read the bible and pour ourselves out in prayer, but still find ourselves in a season of painful darkness. This is because God also has the power to determine the seasons we are in. Though at times it may be difficult, we have to trust in God and His timing while we wait for Him to pull us through the different seasons.

As the physical season of fall vast approaches, some of you may feel like you are already in the season of fall and headed for winter. Though the season of winter seems by far the most painful and difficult, winter makes us wise and teaches us perseverance in our faith. God may have us go through a long winter and bring us into spring, so that when something hard hits us, we are stronger and are able to handle the blows.

Or maybe you are in either spring or summer. You have an energy and enthusiasm for life that you cannot explain! SOAK THAT UP! Spring and Summer don’t last forever. It’s important to fully dive into those seasons when you are in them and fill up for hibernation when the time comes.

Today, I am thankful for the spiritual seasons God has put me through, and I am eagerly awaiting His next season for me.

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