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If you know me, you know that I love art! I love to paint, draw, create things with my hands, garden, design, sew, build, sing and many more! You name it! Being an artist is what I love to do. However, (if you know me, you know that) I usually […]

Unfinished Projects

you only live once Lately I have been reminded of the shortness of life. The small time frame of a few seconds up to 110 years (which seems to be quite rare). And though I am only 19, it seems just yesterday my dad was telling me bed time stories […]


my name is Brielle Lang, and this is (some of) my story Most of you reading this blog right now have some sort of connection with me. We may have grown up together and lived in the same home town, maybe we’re classmates, best friends, used to be best friends, […]


a story about Hope. Joy. Peace. Love. I knew before stepping onto my first plane flight to Atlanta that Guatemala was going to be a trip unlike any I had ever experienced. Being only my second time out of the country, I was nervous and excited. I was going to […]

“Eres hermosa María. Te quiero mucho.

Am I enough? One of the biggest barriers keeping my heart completely and utterly devoted to God is my tendency to compare. Since attending NC (Nebraska Christian College), it’s been easy to consider myself “the worst of sinners”. Though I know none of us are perfect, and we all struggle […]

What is this love?